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The coming up

She said She came for a coverup tattoo without any expectations. But getting something more than a tattoo. Like last year she was struggling from the retirement of her career as a tv presenter. She felt she lost her purpose for being a non-career mom. So I lent her a book “how to Ikigai” on how to find her life’s purpose and happiness. And a pdf personality test. I suggested her to find her core personality. From there she could discover her new purpose.

On the second session, I asked her how’s her tattoo and how is her emotional state. She said her tattoo is not that bright but her emotional state is much better, thanks to the book and pdf, she found out about her core personality and how to deals with it, about her tendencies and way of thinking. Why she does what she does. Now she knows what to do next in life. She bought more books and lent some to me. Haha.

After finishing the colors pattern in the feathers tattoo, I told her, that the tattoo actually symbolizes “coming up,” about her coming up as a whole individual, becoming fully of herself, like a peacock reveals it’s the true self. She fell in love with the colors and said “I thought the colors wouldn’t come up in my skin, this is beautiful and I think it’s a gift from you”

She deeply thanked me.

I smiled, feeling content



Right thigh