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Koi Origami

His first initial idea is to get an origami piece that could represent his son and determinations, so I suggested him to combine a blue Koinobori pattern with a regular Koi. Cause Koi fish generally represents determination while a Koinobori flag is a day to celebrate children’s day. Blue if a son were in the household.

But in the midst of progress, he asked if I could change the pattern in the head, cause someone to gives a bad comment about the shape. And later he said another comment about the fish scale pattern. He grew insecure with his tattoo. I asked what were the comments.

He said the comments were like “kenapa bentuk sisiknya begitu, sisik ikan kan satu warna dan ga gitu, trus kok ada bintik merah, itu digigit nyamuk?”
So my response with laughter was “wow that person lack imagination, and literally an asshole”
And I asked him again “let me guess, that person doesn’t have a tattoo right?”
“Exactly!” I explained

No matter what tattoo you have, no matter how good it was done, if a person doesn’t like tattoos, that person comments will lead to hatred and shaming. Nothing more. Just like societies. If we focused on the negativity, we’ll be drained.



Right inner forearm