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Beast Mode


The world is on the brink of a mini apocalypse; we are stuck in a room filled with boredom just because some egoistic OTG asshole refused to wear a mask and continue to roam the street in groups. At the same time, WhatsApp of demands just keep beeping till nighttime, deafening our patience; for god’s sake, it’s Netflix hour!.


Just because it’s called Work From Home, it doesn’t mean Work Forever Hours!.


Wear this limited series Tatotee whenever you feel like you need an extra beast mode to conquer the day or another gruesome zoom meeting. And if luck is running thin, the 8 colours tiger symbolise infinite cries for the world to get better.


Let’s survive this lamedemic together for another day.


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Tatorigami’s Tatotee beast mode – oversized – limited to 36

Thank you for your interest in my limited Tatotee collection. It is made from 100% cotton. Please keep in mind that I’m doing everything personally while maintaining my tight tattoo schedule.

For limited in-stock items, shipping will be processed in business days. Stock is still available whenever the product is still in tokopedia.

I wanted this t-shirt to be your long-lasting favourite tee until it became aged and cooler, just like tattoos. That’s is why the production of this t-shirt print takes longer and labour’s to produce. It’s not an instant digital print.

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Weight 0.5 kg
Dimensions 30 × 30 × 20 cm


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