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The Painted Souls e-book

(11 customer reviews)


I’ve been collecting tattoo books for more than 20 years now, hardly had I ever found a tattoo book that portrays the tattoo collector’s point of view. It’s always about the tattoo artist biography and portfolio. I find this very saddening, and It is sacred to me. A tattoo is more than a portfolio.


The Painted Souls book is the manifestation of ten years of my career. I’ve come across many heartwarming and distressing life stories that forever marked in the skin. Such stories are so profound to me that they changed my life and shape my perspective as a tattoo artist entirely. 


With this book, I will share 62 tattoo memoirs and my journey in this pathway to enlightening the true meaning of a tattoo.

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The Painted Souls – tattoo memoirs. This e-book is compatible with android or iPhone and other formats such as tablet and laptop.

Format: EPUB | approx. 188 pages via mobile phone

Language: English

Edition Statement: 1st ed.

ISBN: 978-623-97163-5-6

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11 reviews for The Painted Souls e-book

  1. Yulius Adam

    An exciting look inside the world of a great tattoo artist. Not only that, this book showed the intimate process Mulie create a tattoo.

    From the idea, conception, to realization this book showed the thought process of creating a personalized tattoo for each of his client.

    This book showed how Mulie approach different tattoos he created (so far) with each and every tattoo is very personal and some even have very deep meaning.

    Great book!

  2. Andri Gunawan

    Thank you for sharing your journey mullie. You always deliver stunning art work. I hope after this pandemic gone , i could get another one from you.. cheers mate

  3. Sylvia Ang

    he is one of my favorite tattoo artist, have yet to come across any tattoo artist that does origami better than him. all his creations has a story behind them which is interesting to read and meaningful stories behind each tattoo makes them unique. if there is a chance for me to get another tattoo from him, i will be over the moon =)

  4. Marcel

    I always look forward to his posts and the meanings behind the tattoos that he made,
    And now everything is wrapped up inside a wonderful book.
    I’ve always adored mullie’s and I finally got one from him last year.

    Got to love how much he’s passionate about the art that he’s creating, nobody creates better arts than an artist who are confident and passionate of his works

    Thank you for sharing this with us

  5. Handry

    Just like every arts that he painted to his precious customers, either his first e-book well crafted and beyond expectation that tells his journey to becomes tattoo artist as he wants to be. Never get easier but worth the experience, process, pain, and time.

    Thank you for letting me as one of your living canvas.

  6. Ritchie

    I never interested in book about tattoo, but this one is different… full of inspiring stories behind Mulie’s art.

  7. vrnly

    I’m a fan of Mulie’s artwork since 2018, and this book shows me just how much dedication he put in his each and every project he’s ever been into. each artwork means something to him, and that’s what I value the most from him. Every tattoo has its own story, and reading this book makes me appreciate his work even more. Great work,I’ll be waiting for the sequel

  8. Bisa Mulia

    If you’re a fan of tattoo, this is what you need to be inspired and to discover your own purpose on getting a piece for yourself. But if you’re not a fan of tattoo, this ebook is what you need to learn the story behind every piece rather than just sticking with the negative stereotype. And if you’re lucky enough to book an appointment with the author of the book, let the maestro helps you to convert your struggles and your stories to be a perfect artwork and become one of the painted souls.

  9. Alvin J

    In the prologue Mulie explains his reason on writing this book, I believe he managed to do more that what he intended to do. Other that the beautiful photos of Mulie’s Tattoo (which were a feast on the eye) the book also tells a story behind each tattoos. The Painted Souls is an amazing explanation on why Tattoo should have a personal meaning on it’s bearer.

  10. Mario

    Great work, Mul. Great reflections and stotires. I really applaud your ways of seeking deeper meanings of life from each of your client. Keep it up!

  11. Mike

    Great to read the stories behind Mulie’s beautiful artwork and truly feel the deeper meaning of his tattoos to both artist and clients.
    I feel a volume 2 coming…

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